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So, here you aren't! Oh yeah, I'm gonna keep this up until the numbers are stable. For now I want to just share some stuff. The NWC Companion has a new set up that I hope is more readable on both platforms, that has a lot to do with the delay of the fourth installments release.

That button is supposed to go to the actual comic but I don't know if it works at the time that I'm writing this. If it has the balls to say The NWC Companion then I can't get it to go right to issue four at the time your reading this. 22 years from now, in a bunker with the last twinkie.

This issue is important nevertheless, as it is the beginning of a story arc that should run for four issues. The point of Corporate Raiders is to fully grasp the concept of crime and general bad things in a quasi utopia. It won't show it all, but it will establish some important things related to Season One.

To that end, that will rap up Marcus' story for the moment. He is slated to appear in full color in later seasons, but for now the companion is supposed to be a mini version of the main book. It will jump through time in a non-linear way however, so I think I'm going to look at a few things in the Civil War era of Season 2. But a slight tease is that it will connect very closely to S1.

With my current production rate, Corporate Raiders should wrap up around December and I would really love to have NuWorld Chronicles #2 out by then.

To that end, this is a basic outline of how I'm putting Issue 2 together.

  • Crime Scene

Picking up where last issue left off, Max Turiss and a few others look over a rare murder victim in one of the safest cities on the planet.

  • Stenner

The assignment of her unit without her consent is fishy, Fiona's suspicions are confirmed but she has to wait

  • Elevator

Fiona has a flash back after her confrontation with her superior officer

  • Seminar

The MHA team sits in on a lecture from two Legendary Lee's

  • Stenner Round 2

Now that she's processed this, Fiona goes back in to speak with Stenner

  • MHA Assemble

After her second meeting , she brings her team together with Max and company

  • The Viscount

After the meeting Zeta spirits Fiona away to very important appointment.

  • Trax

Simon and Kofi have been sent to meet with Trax.

I hope that's a little vague, I don't want to give all the intrigue away. Also, this is a revision as our murderer is supposed to make his appearance in this issue. However, for the pacing of the season overall that would be way too early.

Now I as storyboard out these later sections and see how long they are, I can still decide to add another act and introduce out guy then.

That's the weird thing, I know exactly what happens once I get there, but I've made so many other changes that there is a lot of rough road that has to be ironed out before i bring my tragic bad guy on to the scene.

Because at this time I'm doing all the art etc. I just do about 90% of a page before leaving it be finished at the end with the rest of the book. That allows for some degree of flexibility in terms of refining the book as I go. I can go back and make any number of changes to the script before I'm ready to start 'shooting' for the day as it were. I have no idea if it is the best practice time wise, but that's what I'm doing.

That's all I got for now, I'm working on getting some more video, I'll see what I can do.

-- Dan2099

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