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Welcome to 2021!

Oh I know it's like April or whatever but a lot of stuff has happened to you right? Well, a LOT of stuff has happened to me too!

So, starting next month I should be able to make a better commitment to updating the site and adding content. Traffic is still low so I can still use that lack of 'you' as an excuse.

I have decided to evolve some what. I want to shift focus slightly in order to create what I want ultimately. So, I'm working in three major phases.

Free Webcomics:

Instead of short vignettes I want to do a free B&W comic every month from within one of the eras of the NuWorld Universe.

Digital Comics:

Primary NWC books will become available via amazon and whatever other platforms I can sell on.

Print Comics:

Yes, at this point I want to offer three issue set's in print form. I do want to set up a kickstarter to sell each chapter as a graphic novel but sense I'm on issue 2 of like 12, I've got time to figure out the best way to do that.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed today, in hopes that Tracy and I get this apartment we're angling for. If we get it, then yes, I feel confident that a lot of good work can get done this year.

That's all I got for now, best to you all!

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