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Projected Publication Timeline

Note: at this point this section is here for me and I don't want to lose it. This is a tentative timeline, but I may not be able to do a graphic novel, so in some cases the format is subject to change.

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MPD Issue 1 cover.jpg


Book 1 in 12 Issues.

The NuWorld Chronicles start small, with a group of four genetically engineered humans called Meta-Humans. Created to be resistant to extreme degrees of radiation, millions were made in a grand army. The Radioactive Nation, or the Reds for short, were setting to spread their sickness to the rest of the world. 

Hoping to eliminate the problem they had created in one fell swoop, the Metas were expected to die in their fight against the reds. Many did, but a small percentage numbering in the thousands came home from the war.

In a bid to determine their fate, a pilot program is pushed forward to see if the Meta-Humans will work as law enforcement. 

There are many forces at play attempting to turn this program to their own political ends, with the members of the unit itself held sway by powerful machinations.

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Book 2 in 12 Issues

Set 40 years after the events of Metro,

Delta is the fourth attempt by the Western Alliance to set up a public facing super powered military unit. 

With a halt on the creation of new meta-humans, the Delta Program seeks out other means of fielding remarkable people to defend the Western Alliance.

The members of Delta soon find out that the biggest threat they could ever face comes from within, with a revelation so shocking that it will tear the country apart at the seams.

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Book 3: Graphic Novel

The time of man we know wasn’t the first. On the very same planet where mankind stands, an entirely different interpretation of life once stood.

This was a world of magic and gods, and despite being far removed from the records of human time events will take place there that will send shockwaves throughout time and space.

The Old One’s have decided that if they can’t rule the world, they will desecrate it. The Kingdoms of the living creatures on the planet unite only to slow the advance of the corrupted gods. After years of loss and hardship, it all comes down to the Last Prince of Man and his band of heroes making a last ditch effort to save their doomed planet.

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Book 4: 12 Issues

42 years after the events of Delta, the world has worked to forget about the existence of Meta-Humans and costumed heroes. But the desire to suppress history only creates more thirst for the truth. 

Lateef Williams, an Official Investigator is caught alone and savagely beaten, left hanging on dearly to life. After being told he would never walk again despite the advanced technology at the world's disposal, he is approached by Professor Gauge and his daughter Ivy.

Gauge promises a miracle cure for his condition and Lateef agrees.

Gauge more than made good on his promise, transforming Williams into a cybernetic marvel. Encouraged by his wife and the good professor, Lateef decides to take on the mantle of a legendary hero from the days of the Civil War.

The Ravendark.

While his intentions and motivations are good, Lateef has no idea how hard the impact of the real truth will be at every level. 

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Book 5: 12 Issues

While the Civil War ended the era of the Meta-Human on a public level, a shadow war had been raging the entire time. 

A Meta that was thought lost during The Great War had been slowly building a war machine in an effort to subjugate the planet. The only group standing in his way is The Forgotten, a deep independent spy organization that is represented by one agent at any given time, no matter the circumstances.

When Hayato Sun, the current Forgotten Agent is captured instead of killed while on a mission. The only bulwark against the Son’s of Rome could finally be destroyed.

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Book 6: 12 Issues

After decades of careful planning The Roman is ready to make his play for control of the world itself. 

The Age of Heroes has waned, with only a small rabble of costumed vigilante’s running around with no hope of standing in his way.

Can Ravendark and The Five Forgotten rally NuWorlds remaining heroes for one last mission to save a world that has tried to forget them?

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Book 7: Graphic Novel

While the threat of The Roman has been averted, NuWorld is rocked by what would be called The Second Red Alert. An armada of space vessels appears in the atmosphere and immediately begins attacking. NuWorlds defenders are aided by the arrival of the King of Swords and his companion Valdar.

As the war to save Earth rages, the war machines of the Old Western Alliance fire up again. A new generation of Meta-Humans are created to fight against the alien threat.

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Book 8: 24 Issues

The Second Red Alert has finally come to an end, and NuWorld is in a state of rebuilding. This is the zenith, the height of the heroic age.

The heroes of this time will be sorely tested as the sins of the past, even the ancient past will finally come to destroy everything humanity has built.

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Book 9: Graphic Novel

Timeless hero and interdimensional King, Portal finds himself lost on the other side of the galaxy with no memory of his previous life. Eventually joined by other heroes transported through time and space, Portal, Hayato, The Ravendark and Ivy along with their crew must go on a spacefaring adventure that will lead to the key to finally save their homeworld.

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Book 10: 12 Issues

The Final Chapter.

The Dramatic Conclusion.

The Thrilling End.

Blurb would spoil much.

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