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A free monthly webcomic designed to help flesh out the NuWorld Universe

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ISSUE #1 5/1/21

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The NuWorld Chronicles Season One begins in the year 1985, a pivotal point in the history of that world. A political schism throws the world into chaos, changing it's entire landscape over centuries. The companion picks up in 2070, long after the dust of many conflicts has settled. Marcus Gauge, a 30 something member of the elite class, has grown tired of simply enjoying his social status. Upon discovering his famous fathers darkest secrets, he has taken it upon himself to shed light on the shady dealings of the Western A's most rich and powerful 

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ISSUE #2 6/1/21

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So, we pick up with Marcus a few weeks after issue one, and what would you know, his first big time guest star. Who is The Champ? Find out how complicated that answer could be below!

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